Christmas Travel

Travel #9 Sharpen Your Skates

Dorothy Hamill Anyone?

Am I dating myself?  Who didn’t have the Dorothy Hamill haircut when growing up? Everyone should know who she is especially with all the pop-up ice skating rinks that have opened all over the country for the holidays.

We visited an outdoor rink in my hometown over the Thanksgiving holidays. Grace wanted to have a birthday skate day with her entire family, so we all laced up our skates and prepared for the ice…

Their smiles were so genuine, you could not only see their excitement…you could feel it.

Of course I slipped on my skates as well…

The challenge with having 4 kids under 6 is that they ALL want to skate with you…correction…they all want you to hold them up as they skate.

Oh my gosh…the hair went back in a ponytail, sleeves rolled up…my arms were killing me and I did not get a break!  Roughly a dozen adult family and friends watched from the tables laughing and just handing me another kid…one was 40 lbs, the next 50 lbs, then 60…my poor feet! My husband always uses the excuse that they don’t have his size 15 skate to rent…whatever!  Papa was kind enough to order hot cocoas to toast to Graces birthday.

I have to say, even though I was the walking Zamboni for the kids, I had a great time.  I took a couple of laps solo and I regressed back to that 7 year old in me….loving you Dorothy!

Here are some fun finds for skate spots, do you have a favorite?

Southern California: A shopping center close to where we live just installed a new iceless skating rink.  The plastic is environmentally friendly, too.  Skaters might not glide quite like they would on real ice, but they’re not getting cold either.  We are so spoiled in Southern California

Can’t beat Rockefeller Centers Ice Skating Rink…a gem in of itself.  It wouldn’t be winter without a spin around the city’s most celebrated traditions.

We were in NYC opening night in 2010, but since I was 6 months prego, I could not skate.  I did step onto the ice of course!

And f you are in Atlanta, you are in for a treat.  In collaboration with Coca-Cola, The Astor Holiday Ice Skating Rink takes you back to the elegant era of the distinguished Astor family who founded the flagship St. Regis New York in 1904.

(photo courtesy of St.Regis Atlanta)

Under the warm glow of twinkling lights of the St.Regis, you can glide around their exquisite ice rink to sounds of holiday melodies and enjoy seasonal favorites including hot cocoa and s’mores.  Loved this find- anyone been there?

They do this unreal Winter Wonderland Package with igloo tents and fluffy sleeping bags, a hot cocoa bar, a family skating session for four, and a welcome message from Frosty the Snowman himself. Is this too much!  I have never been to Atlanta, but I am sure my girls NeNe and Kim from Bravos Atlanta Housewives hit this spot up!

Whatever you do this holiday…HIT the ICE!  Let’s just hope the ice doesn’t hit you back.