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Travel #12 A Winter Wonderland

It’s Officially Winter.

Take a stroll through your neighborhood, admire all the decorations, then relax with your favorite warm beverage.

We strolled all the way over to Legoland on the night Tony Hawk lit the World’s Largest LEGO Christmas Tree. Tree was full of mini skateboards made out of Legos.  Its good to be a Californian.

Kids look a bit “out of it”.  I made them stand in front of the tree for a pic before I let them do this…

then this…

and some more of this…

Then it snowed.

To all my midwest relatives….you can stop laughing now.  This is just how Californians deal with our sunny weather year round.  Can you blame us?

Seriously, Legoland was super fun.  Snowdays at the park was a blast.  We live about 35 minutes from Legoland, so we just recently purchased an annual pass.

My husband and son were invited to a Legoland birthday party this past January and my son is now at the age of complete “Lego” on the brain….so I researched a bit and found out how I could add 4 kid/2 adult passes into the overly crowded budget and timeline already.  Did you know this?  I was able to take those 2 birthday party tickets and apply their full value to an annual pass?  Golden.  We added a parking pass onto my sons pass, so no matter who takes him, parking is waived!  I shared this with my girlfriend who hosted all of us and she got in on the annual pass gig too!  What a playdate!  Amazing what you can do if you just take the time.

Of course Tony Hawk was a stud as Legoland awarded his Charity, The Tony Hawk Foudnation $10k.  Good stuff. He then turned up the heat and set off a firework show.  Made for a Funday Monday! (photos below courtesy of Legoland)

So now its your turn to heat things up,  grab that steaming cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the beauty around you. It’s officially Winter.

Holiday Fun Tip: For the last minute Santa wishes, a good friend has launched a creative idea into a company.  If you want Santa to give your lil one a special call, check out RingStir.  Ho! Ho! Ho!