Christmas Travel

Travel #11 Sleigh Ride

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods…

A few years back we visited Lake Tahoe and enjoyed a family sleigh ride together- well worth the trip.

For those of you who are snow bound this holiday- enjoy natures gift.

Our sleigh ride journey was a birthday wish come true for my mom.

The children loved the whole experience from feeding the horses…

…to the snow kisses.

The beauty in the ride was a bonus.

A memory to last a lifetime.

If you can’t take a real sleigh ride in the snow, pack the family in the car to go look at holiday lights. Download locations into interactive holiday maps from your local newspaper or town city website.  We grabbed dinner the other night then headed to see lights…the excitement in my daughters eyes said it all.


One of our favorite spots each holiday to visit is a home nearby that choreographs their lights to holiday music with great messages from the kids and parents on the radio.

They will throw in a Clark Griswold comment every now and then…makes for good listening!  It is quite a show, but what touches my heart the most is the sign in front of their home that asks you to support a charity.

Next to the sign is a donation pole….what a great way to give back.

I can’t imagine this family’s electric bill during the month of December…what giving hearts.

There is plenty of good in this world. Whether it is natures gift or if it shines brightly right in front of our eyes- just take the time.