Month: December 2011

Friends #10 Pearl Harbor

Hug a Veteran on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Today marks the 70th year anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Amid all the Holiday hustle and bustle, we should all take a moment of silence to remember the 2043 soldiers and sailors that died and the 1178 that were injured. (r.Steve

Children #10 Recordable Storybook Memories

I Love You Forever! This book is at the top of my list in life.  It is a favorite read my Mother shared with me as a child and a true keepsake.  On my college graduation day, she gifted me a copy with her handwritten words..I was speechless.  So, when I found a recorable version,

Love #10 Mistletoe Madness

SMACK! Take a few minutes to write your sweetheart a holiday love note and tuck it between two cookies, a glass of milk and some mistletoe. I use these lil love-themed cards to list all the reasons why I love my sweetheart – you can use for anyone like your children, a favorite Aunt, a

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