Month: December 2011

Love #11 Rudolph Couture

Buy your Pet a Christmas Outfit. As I was strolling through the stores for holiday gifts, I came across this end cap and was stopped in my tracks in awe.  The entire aisle was dedicated to animals…short, tall, big, small-they had something for everyone!  I was not at a pet store, I was at Target!

Holidays #10 North Pole Bound

Santa Claus is coming to town… Remember the feeling of excitement when you were a child on your way to see Santa Claus?  A bit nervous, yet about to burst with joy!  Was I a good girl or boy?  So many questions…and of course the request for the perfect toy. Read moreHolidays #1 – Halloween

Holidays #10 The Deal is ON! 40% off starts today!

Santa’s Nice List…. You all have been waiting so patiently for the Once Upon A Family deal… has arrived!  Just got word today that the Once Upon A Family 40% special is ON! Read moreHolidays #1 – Halloween Gingerbread HousesALL products are 40% off from now until December 25th.  Make sure you order by Wednesday, December

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