Month: December 2011

Holiday #12 Believe

You have done all you can do. Believe. It will be enough.

Travel #12 A Winter Wonderland

It’s Officially Winter. Take a stroll through your neighborhood, admire all the decorations, then relax with your favorite warm beverage. We strolled all the way over to Legoland on the night Tony Hawk lit the World’s Largest LEGO Christmas Tree. Tree was full of mini skateboards made out of Legos.  Its good to be a

Dazzling December Birthdays

Double the gifts…or just combine gift with holiday? How about all the above and mooorree?  That’s what we did for my Amazing Mom! Read moreLove #1 – Vow RenewalsDecember 21st is not just a special day because it is the first official day of Winter Solstice…it is special because it is my Mothers birthday. We

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