Christmas Food

Holidays #11 Hung with Love

A Kuta Tradition

Growing up, every Christmas we made our annual visit back to the Midwest to visit my Moms family.  She came from a small town 2 hours north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Her family of 10 kids and 2 amazingly loving parents, were definitely the giving type…always opening their home to others offering a helping hand.

It is no wonder that around Christmas time, you saw the outpouring of appreciation come back ten fold into their home.  Cookies, dinners, gifts…people came in and out of that house like a train depot..non-stop!  They visited for awhile and shared their “thanks” to Lonnie, Mary and their kids.

My grandparents were the type that provided for others with no need for reciprocation or gift of thanks…but the one thing (outside of a smile and a word of thanks) they loved was a Christmas Card.   Didn’t need to be fancy, just a note to recognize the season and an update on families.  Grandmas favorites were cards with the Mother Virgin Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  I always LOVE getting these in the mail.

The cards were hung with extreme care as a sign of respect and appreciation of the friendship.  They were on display for all to see and enjoy!  Its the way they hung them that will forever be in my family lists of traditions.

It first starts with the lining of the ceiling with white tiny lights in all types of swirl designs. Then came the hanging of fishing line all through the house.  It was strung from one end of the family room to the next room to the next room…and kept going and going and going.  When the lights would go out at night, you could still see the cards perched high in the air with these little twinkling lights shining upon them…like stars. When they ran out of room to run line, they would then tape cards to the wall!

Here is our house today….and by Dec 25th, the lines will run all throughout the house- it is lovely.

I am proud to carry on this Kuta Family tradition….and I think of my grandparents every time!