Children Christmas

Children #11 Elf on the Shelf

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry…

Words to a Christmas carol?  More than that…they’re words to live by for children this time of year.  Santa Claus is coming to town, and soon. But he’s not the only one. Christmas Elves are magically living in homes to keep watchful, playful eyes on children.

Over 7 years ago “Fred”, our Elf entered our lives.  Its now a Holiday tradition enjoyed by all 4 of our children- each year they anxiously await Freds return.  He normally arrives after Thanksgiving.  This year he came early, he knew we would be out of town so he watched the house for us and kept an eye on Sterling the cat.

The Elf on the Shelf® is the brainchild of 3 women from Georgia.  This mother-daughter trio (complete with twin daughters) has taken the publishing industry by storm – going from rejection letters to a best-selling Christmas tradition that took root locally and spread like wildfire around the globe.

Their story, “The Elf on the Shelf,” is about these “scout” elves that are sent into homes, where they watch and report the deeds — good and bad — of little tykes. Once a child spies an elf in his home, he gives it a name, and that elf returns year after year.

These elves cannot be touched and like to play hide-and-seek. They have to report to St. Nick every night and appear in a new place in the home the next morning.

Sometimes they stay in the same place if the children are up at night searching out gifts..but overall Fred makes his way around our home to a new spot nightly.

3 of our 4 children are in school and each of their teachers have an elf keeping an eye on the kids..there is Snowball, Frosty and Snowflake.

Elf on the Shelf has a super website where your children can watch videos of how the Elf on the Shelf came to life.  The Elves even have their own blog.  Take a picture of your lil elf and send it in to share with others…even better, we want to know what your Elfs name is…reason? Ours was named after Grandpa Fred Jackson- he was a real sweetie with a great laugh!  He would have loved this lil guy!