Children Christmas

Children #10 Recordable Storybook Memories

I Love You Forever!

This book is at the top of my list in life.  It is a favorite read my Mother shared with me as a child and a true keepsake.  On my college graduation day, she gifted me a copy with her handwritten words..I was speechless.  So, when I found a recorable version, I just had to inquire more!

Leave it to Hallmark to tug at your heartstrings through yet another fabulous greeting. Recordable storybooks!  This idea is brilliant, a chance for someone to share their love via their voice to a loved one they could not be near.  This hit home with me as my parents and sisters family do not live close.  My kids loved it when I had my Mom read the story of “On the Night you were Born” for my newborn.  They all wanted a copy of their own.

And so the fun began with picking out just the right book!  Even Grammy who lives local wanted to get in on the fun, so I had her record her voice to “All the Ways I Love You“.

The kids just sit in their rooms, reading along with Grammy over and over and over again!  This past month I discovered their holiday series and went nuts!  When we were visiting their cousins over the Thanksgiving holidays, I secretly gave my sister’s children “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to record their voices reading to their cousins.  We won’t be together for Christmas this year, but when my children open this gift- it will be as if they are sitting right next to them!  I can’t wait!

Victorias Godparents had some ideas of their own!  They both live in Nebraska, so I sent them a book and Godmom Jamie catered the “Mom & Me” book to “Godmom and Me” she even took some stickers and added “GOD” to the mom part.  She edited the version throughout the entire story placing Godmom in the Mom spot.  Victoria will cherish it for years to come.

All of these books allow you to very easily record your own voice reading the book. Some are Hallmark recordable books, while others were produced by Disney or other companies.

Amazon Goodnight Moon $32.95

Amazon Guess How Much I Love You $26.19

Amazon Santa Claus is Coming to Town $18.91

Amazon Frosty the Snowman $28.95

Amazon The Night Before Christmas $15.75

This is a must gift for our Military deployed over Seas during Christmas time.  Can you just imagine the look on a childs face as they opened a book with Mommy or Daddy reading to them on Christmas morn?  I am sure you can purchase a book and drop at your local military support group- they will get it in the right hands.