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Travel #5 Food – Swedish Meatballs Anyone?

Don’t knock it till you try it…

Many people associate Sweden with a fresh, healthy way of life.  Their ideas are closely linked to the origins in Småland southern Sweden, where the people have a reputation for working hard, living on little and making the best possible use of the limited resources they have.

My husband has this Swedish heritage running through his veins and knows a bit about their lifestyle…also its food. I too can attest to this as I have shopped at this trendy hot spot several times and grabbed a bit to eat on the way out.

For being a home furnishing store, you probably would not give much thought to the food/kids activities they offer as you shop your day away…so let me indulge.

This weekend IKEA has a promotion you do not want to miss…especially if you have a few things to cross off your Holiday list.

We will be hitting up this deal this weekend as I found a bed for my son.   This bed is brilliant…This isn’t just a daybed with 2 drawers for storage, but the bed gives you an option to pull out a built in section for more space!


You can place a twin mattress in the bed or purchase their two thin IKEA mattresses.  The two thin mattresses stack on top of each other for extra comfort, and when you need extra space for that sleepover, just take off a mattress and place on pullout portion…love it!

This weekend, we will go for an early dinner over at Ikea.  I have 6 in my family, so our bill will be roughly $70.  I will then take receipt down to cashier and purchase my bed for $199.  They will take $70 off my bill for a $129 deal and we will be off to assemble at home!  I will be sure to post pictures when we have it completed in his room!

There are a few other activities Ikea offers for kids…  

You can drop your kids off in in Småland, a supervised play area near the entrance. They can play in this fantasyland for an hour at no charge while you get your shopping done!  I also love their wide family parking spots. A baby care area. Microwaves. Shopping strollers.


Lastly, IKEA hosts FREE KIDS birthday parties on the second Wednesday of every month.  We went last night to check it out and boy was it cute!

Party is held inside the restaurant from 4pm-6pm.  It is for all children turning 10 years old or younger during that specific month.  Each birthday child is allowed to invite two of their friends to the party. 

Event includes entertainment, soda, and cake. We purchased dinner ourselves.  The kids started with a craft project for the holiday, had their faces painted, then a magician entertain them prior to the birthday cake celebration!  Who knew a Wednesday night could be so much fun!

These cute lil frames done up with stickers will make a cute Thanksgiving treat for the grandparents.  I will wrap it up in a cello bag with ribbon.

Plus, each birthday child received gifts. Grace was given an adorable art/paint set and a cute lil bear with a card signed by all the Småland staff .


Parties book a month in advance and fill up fast, so you have to reserve your place at the party.


Plan ahead for holidays; pick up your Gingerbread House sets, Swedish Pancakes and take a moment for a pre lil-birthday celebration.

The Ginger Cookies are a traditional Swedish Christmas cookie. Eaten all year round. Served best with coffee or tea, or with blue cheese and wine..yummmmmmm!  

Kuddos to IKEA for their creativity in every area of their business…I applaud you for making a difference.