Fab Food Find #1 – In Love with a Madame…

The best thing that has ever happened to snack time in our home is “Madame Edamame”.

I found the Madame and her snack packs on a recent visit to Costco. It comes in a large bag with 12 (9oz.) single serving frozen pouches for a lil under $9!  No need to defrost before heating.


You just grab a pouch,  pop in microwave for 3 minutes – dash with salt and serve.  Super quick & easy! You can boil them also.

Our kids LOVE Edamame and so do I!  They love the taste and have a blast squeezing the middle of the pods until the beans pop out.  Not only are they good, they are good for you – Each nine ounce packet is 6g fat, 13g protein and 4g fiber.

My son begs me for these beans when he comes home from school- I state how they are a real treat, so only if he is a good listener at school does he get rewarded by the Madame!

Happy Pod Squeezing!

Special Recognition:  When I was looking for nutrition facts, I checked out Madame Edamame’s website and found out that it is a family-owned company based in Newport Beach…right here in Southern California. I love everything about family owned businesses and have decided to give a Special “Shout Out” to all those carrying on your Family Tradition of a family business.  If this is you, connect with me- I want to hear from you for many reasons!