Children #9 Our Happy Little Girl

Sweet Sweet Grace

Our first born turns 7 today.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed so many special moments with her.

What took me about 20 years to experience, Grace has done in about 6 years time!

I keep saying to myself she will remember all the amazing places we traveled…

Books we have read…

Cakes we have baked…

Parties we have thrown…

Will she remember?  I just hope and pray I have done what every parent wants for their child…

Do you know what that is?

What is the number one thing that parents want for their children?

Is it wealth, fame, power, great relationships, good luck, or what?

More than anything else, one answer dwarfs all the rest of the answers combined.

It’s Happiness.

We want our children to be happy above all else.

What it means to be happy and what it takes to be happy may be different from one another, but the answer reveals our own projection about what we want for ourselves.

We want to feel happy.

So, to my Sweet Sweet Grace on her 7th birthday…I can’t wait to make you happier today then you were yesterday…doing whatever “Happy” means to YOU!

“Happiest” of Birthdays sweetie!  Mommy loves you to the Heavens and Back!